Sometimes, when most homeowners think of home security, they generally do not think of protecting their home from pests-insect pests. But when it comes to protecting your home and family, it also involves protecting it from the above menace. Insect pests, as some homeowners well know, can wreak havoc on a home; sometimes they can be more threatening or dangerous than human home invaders, because the above type of pests can over a period of time subtly destroy one’s home. For example, termites can almost totally devastate a home; they love to feed on wood, and most homeowners’ furniture are made of wood, such as their sofa, bed, coffee table, bookshelf, etc.

bee infestation

You won’t sense it right away, necessarily, but when you see evidence of your wood furniture being eaten through, you will feel the damage that comes from having such subtle home invaders damaging property in your home, which is going to be very costly in the long run. Or if there are moths in your home, you will begin to see precious suits, dresses, shirts, ties being damaged by such pests, which can take a huge financial toll on your wardrobe.

And you certainly do not want to deal with carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are pests that operates in a manner similar to termites, only they are considered far worse. In fact, they look quite similar to bumblebees, but they are not. They have the habit of tunneling into decks, porches and any other structures made of wood, for that matter. They are particularly aggressive during the spring season, usually around April and May, when they generally mate, and they can be very annoying as well as intimidating to homeowners and their families, with their buzzing noises and whizzing sounds over people’s heads. But contrary to popular belief, male carpenter bees do not sting; female carpenter bees can sting, but they very rarely do. However, If you see signs of such infestation, contact your local pest control company and find out about the most effective¬†carpenter bee trap¬†for your property.

Carpenter bee trap

But as harmless as they are purported to be, they are nonetheless annoying and bothersome, and understandably, homeowners want to get rid of them as well as the other above-mentioned pests, among any other pests as well, such as ants and beetles, among any other pests.

No one like pests in their home, so how do they get rid of such pests? It has been recommended that their removal be done in a humane manner; we live in a society that put high regard on life, even the life of insect pests.